Year: 2023


Having contacted the political groups again this week, by e-mail, and their electoral programmes being mature, we have asked them to indicate to what extent they IDENTIFY with these needs that we as a NEIGHBOURS’ ASSOCIATION put forward and to what extent they COMMIT themselves and to what degree, and to see if these electoral […]

Meeting between the Town Council and the Gran Alacant Neighbourhood Association.

The Town Council and the Gran Alacant Neighbourhood Association met to exchange opinions, discuss actions carried out or in the pipeline. The Association delivered a decalogue of actions to the current government team, summarising them in an infographic, which will also be delivered to all political parties that request it. Read news here…/ayuntamiento-y…#PeriodicoSantaPola#Noticias#santapola#granalacant

Santa Pola, Biar and Aspe will have Day Centres for the elderly and people with functional diversity.

The president of the Diputación de Alicante, Carlos Mazón, and the vice-president of the Generalitat and councillor for Equality and Inclusive Policies, Aitana Mas, the institutional declaration of collaboration for the extension of the ‘Pla Convivint d’Infraestructures de Serveis Socials’, an agreement that will allow to complete the social map of the territory with new […]


The Official Language School of Elche, is doing a survey to help them to configure the academic offer of the school and its sections of Santa Pola and Crevillent for the next academic year. In the image you have the QR code and here the link to the survey.…/03/16/encuesta-de-idiomas-eoi/#PeriodicoSantaPola#Noticias#santapola#granalacant @eoi.elx EOI Elx

Coverage problems with new phone antenna

The antenna at the sports centre has been active for just over a week, initially only for the Movistar operator and authorised, but there is a lot of fluctuation with coverage, suddenly there is either a lot or very little as if it wasn’t there. They also seem to have readjusted the antenna at the […]


The Consell tenders road transport in Marina Alta and l’Alcoià and the lines to Alcoy and Santa Pola Link to news about it Interurban transport is in the tendering phase throughout the Valencian Community, without previously taking into account the needs of the local councils, but through their own studies. This is the part of […]

Gran Alacant Neighborhood Association WhatsApp chat ✅

From the Association of Neighbors Gran Alacant, with associates from the vast majority of neighborhood communities, a chat group is enabled on WhatsApp.           Attached to the website and Facebook page, it aims to maintain the connection between the neighbors of Gran Alacant, sharing information, suggestions and proposals that have a positive impact on our neighborhood […]

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