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We try to represent the neighbors and at the same time act effectively to solve the problems of the neighborhood

Representative and synergistic structure

Gran Alacant is articulated in large urbanizations and communities, it brings together a group of residents who live in the same area, with the same type of housing and who usually have common problems and needs.

Currently the association is made up of presidents of community, dozens of them, who are known by all their community neighbors, thousands of them, represented by a person who has usually heard them and who knows first hand the needs and problems

Share knowledge and experiences

Urbanizations have common problems whose solutions can be transferable, learn from each other and - provided agreements are reached - share maintenance, surveillance and othe services, as well as make records of effective suppliers and negotiate based on a larger size.

Mechanism to provide solutions

In the assemblies the problems and needs of the neighborhood are defined and prioritized and, more importantly, to get involved in the direct lines of solution.

For this, it is considered essential to invite a representative specially appointed by the session to these meetings, ideally a permanent councilor for Gran Alacant or, this point missing, an effective person that has the power to manage the solutions.

Housing developments with partners

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