Coverage problems with new phone antenna

The antenna at the sports centre has been active for just over a week, initially only for the Movistar operator and authorised, but there is a lot of fluctuation with coverage, suddenly there is either a lot or very little as if it wasn’t there. They also seem to have readjusted the antenna at the doctor’s park and it is possible that there are gaps in coverage where there used to be. They have been testing for a month and there seem to be problems with interference, we have no further information.

In order to improve coverage in the neighbourhood we need the individual collaboration of neighbours who have coverage on both antennas, testing coverage by making some calls inside and outside the home, and the same for playing some video on yotube and if the test is not correct in several days and hours:

-If you have Movistar or authorised, call 1004 indicating coverage failure, that you have an antenna nearby and the service has frequent cuts. This will help us to complain more forcefully to Movistar and have them send an additional technician.


Those of the other operators (Orange, MasMovil, Vodafone, Telecable, others) should call customer service and indicate that they have an antenna working for the competition but not for them. They should get a move on and install equipment.

Coverage problems with new phone antenna
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