Growing discontent with the postal service in Gran Alacant

Firstly, thanks to the Santa Pola Newspaper for providing an exhibitor for this initiative and publishing our concerns, as well as to the company DICOP for printing the explanatory poster (they make a good signs).

It’s a recurring complaint we’ve all had at one time or another. Our neighborhood has an office where the service is open for only a few hours in the morning (impossible for anyone to use), with only one person attending at a single counter for a volume of work that clearly exceeds its possibilities. Furthermore, the current facilities (ceded by the council many years ago) are not designed for this purpose nor are they prepared in storage and distribution so that work can be carried out efficiently inside them, generating delays in attending to the public compared to a normal office. In the summer season this is aggravated by people waiting for an hour in high temperatures.

In the meetings held with the Gran Alacant Councillor this problem was discussed several times and in February the Council asked the Post Office to extend the opening hours from 9.30am to 6.30pm as a first step towards improving the service and to pay municipal taxes and other incentives. The response from the post office was that “the service is provided normally” (registration provided by the councillor):

We completely disagree with that assessment and have sent several written complaints. Finally, in coordination with the Gran Alacant Councillor the Council resubmitted our proposals for a solution within the approach considered viable (consensus letter provided by the Councillor):

From the association, since the volume of complaints is not very large, we have taken the initiative to put a display with a general complaint with which we think 100% of the neighbors agree.

We ask that each individual citizen who is not happy with the postal service, go and make a complaint, either using this pre-filled model or indicating what they think, but that they hand it in, stamp it and give a copy or let them take a photograph with their mobile phone of the stamped document. They must respond one by one. Let’s press for a better service.

Growing discontent with the postal service in Gran Alacant
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